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4 out of my 6 pokemon for Hoenn are now shiny~!
Fri Oct 10, 2014, 9:04 PM
Guess who now has a Diancie... I DO!!!
Thu Sep 4, 2014, 7:19 PM
Wed Aug 6, 2014, 9:21 PM
:facepalm: Oh, Naruto... still can't believed that WORKED!!!
Wed Jun 25, 2014, 2:12 PM
Oh, yeah, How To Train Your Dragon 2 was friggin' AWESOME!
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 9:27 PM

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So, my friend Hannah introduced me to 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica', however we weren't able to finish the short series at that time.  Well, I was poking around Netflix, and I happened to find it... so, I watched the entire series.


Seriously, y'all need to watch it.  And I'm not gonna lie, Madoka/Homura is TOTALLY my OTP for this show.  And yes, it's a yuri couple, but I don't care!  What Homura sacrificed for Madoka, and what Madoka eventually sacrificed for Homura... yeah, I'm shipping, and I'm shipping hard.  Don't expect me to write fanfiction for this yet, though, due to the fact that for once the plunnies are leaving me be about it.

EDIT:  If you need more inspiration to watch this series, this is the FIRST song you hear.  'NUFF SAID.


So, my friend Hannah introduced me to 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica', however we weren't able to finish the short series at that time.  Well, I was poking around Netflix, and I happened to find it... so, I watched the entire series.


Seriously, y'all need to watch it.  And I'm not gonna lie, Madoka/Homura is TOTALLY my OTP for this show.  And yes, it's a yuri couple, but I don't care!  What Homura sacrificed for Madoka, and what Madoka eventually sacrificed for Homura... yeah, I'm shipping, and I'm shipping hard.  Don't expect me to write fanfiction for this yet, though, due to the fact that for once the plunnies are leaving me be about it.

EDIT:  If you need more inspiration to watch this series, this is the FIRST song you hear.  'NUFF SAID.
*blinks again*


I'm not sure if all of my yes, or OH DEAR LORD, NOOOOOOOOOOO!

In other news, I NEED HELP!!

So, every year instead of a Halloween party my family gets together to have a themed party in early November (generally the weekend AFTER Halloween), and this year the theme is none other than HARRY POTTER.

Of course, naturally I was like Harry Potter - Slytherin  and asked Ashley (the one who is normally in charge) if I could help.  After all, Harry Potter is one of my EARLIEST geekdoms, so thus I could help quite a bit.  She said yes, and now I just need to know... WHAT AM I MISSING?

So far:

1 Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook is in the process of being bought.
House Ties are also lined up to be bought, although I'm waiting on how many of each House to buy (definitely buying at least 1 Slytherin for me, 1 Ravenclaw for my step-mother, and 1 Hufflepuff for my father, though)
1 Slytherin Robe has been ordered and is scheduled to arrive in time for the party.
1 grey sweater vest and 1 plain white shirt is being planned on to be bought (just need to figure out where I can get them... maybe a school uniform store?)
1 brick wall screen has been bought and plans are in the works to turn it into Platform 9 and 3/4.
2 queries about a Pottermore wand have been sent.

So... what else shall I need?
Our souls are destined to be together.  I know this, have in fact known it ever since I performed the forbidden ritual to gain the knowledge of my past lives.

However, it seemed that in every lifetime there are forces that always keep us apart.

We meet, we are initially attracted to each other… then something happens.  It has varied from her being married off to my brother, to me dying in a war, to her being offered as a virgin sacrifice, even to me becoming betrothed to her cousin and having her take her life out of unrequited love.

However, this time I shall have her.  I have made the necessary sacrifices, become the most powerful Dark Sorcerer in all of the nearby Lands, and even eliminated all of those who could threaten her.  As soon as I find her, I, Sesshomaru the Killing Perfection, will claim her.  If anyone else dares to try and claim her, I will remind them of why I have earned my title, why even the Magician’s Council fear to bring me to justice.

This time, she will be mine.


I was sixteen when the tales of my beauty and talents first made their way into the ears of the King, ones that started during my final years of being a journeyman Magician.  Unknown to me at the time, he had sent spies to ascertain the truths of these rumors.  When they verified both by disguising themselves as customers of mine during my first year of being eligible for hire at age eighteen, he began his plot to gain me when I finally came of age to be considered eligible for sexual relationships by the Magician’s Council.

And now, I am to be a guest at a ball being held on my twenty-first birthday, one where according to rumors he is to choose his next wife.  I can sense that I am to be that next wife, and all of my readings indicate that I am right in this regard.

I know that I should feel so honored, and I know that many women would kill to be considered as a candidate for his hand.  After all, he is very handsome (especially for a man his age), is considered to be one of the greatest rulers the Kingdom’s ever had, and he actually has a small number of wives when compared to his forefathers (having only two rather than the normal seven or more).

But… is it so wrong for me to say that I don’t feel that way?  That I want to fall in love, and have my beloved make me his only wife?

Occasionally, I have dreams where a man who resonates with my own inner magic in a way that no other person I have ever known has whisks me away into a darkly beautiful castle.  He then shows me wonders that I have only dreamed about, and then he claims me.

Originally, I was disturbed when I started having these dreams, for Magicians are required by Magic to remain virgins until we’re twenty… and these dreams were definitely not ones a virgin should have.  When I finally confessed them to my mentor Kaede, however, she wasn’t as disturbed.  According to her, some Magicians can dream of their soul-mates before they are of age in Magic’s eyes, and the dreams are a way to prepare us for the time when we finally meet them.

However… even though that this man is more than likely my soul-mate, I’m not so sure that the explicitness of the dreams are normal.  According to rumors I’ve heard, most of these kinds of dreams involve walking in a forest, or dancing at all ball, or some other benign thing… not the acts that I’ve seen.

I still blush every time those images race through my mind.

If there is one thing that bothers me even more than those acts, however, it is the man’s similarity to the King.  Not enough that it’s obviously the King… but enough that it is clear this man is somehow related to him.

And if the King is truly planning on having me as his bride… then I may be the one responsible for a civil war.  One where my brothers and sisters of trade would be forced to choose between their loyalty to the King and their loyalty to a fellow Magician.  It is this fact that terrifies me the most, for I know in my heart that I, Kagome, would rather die than cause the devastation of my homeland.

I refuse to be the face that destroys a kingdom.
SessKag plunnie- 'Once Upon A Dream'
I am ONLY posting the first part of this story in case I can't get it finished before Halloween.  I AM working on this, and in fact I have quite a bit of Sesshomaru's next POV done already.

So yeah, I'm actually diving into semi-dark territory with this one.  I'm saying semi-dark because... well, this story I'm just playing it by ear, so I'm not sure at how dark it'll end up being.  It WILL have a sad ending, though, so fair warning (if I can get this story to turn out somewhat like 'Sweeney Todd', especially the ending, then I'll be ecstatic).  I'm also doing this one in first person again, because I really should write that way more often because then it forces me to be the character, which'll help whenever I need to write that character for another story.

This plunnie was started thanks to Lana Del Rey's 'Once Upon A Dream', which you can listen to here… Thanks to this song, I wanted to write a dark love story... and while Jareth/Sarah would work well for the idea, too, I just felt like SessKag would fit better for what the plunnie entailed.

And I'm totally writing this description at midnight, so please forgive the rambles

Oh, and NOPE, this plunnie isn't going up for adoption.  This is just to be sure that I at least have the idea up by Halloween.

*I don't own InuYasha or any of their characters.  I also don't own 'Once Upon A Dream' by Lana Del Rey.
...and I'm torn between two different versions.  So, maybe you guys can help!

Before I list the two teams, a little background- up until X & Y came out, I was the kind of Pokemon player who would just use their starter consistently rather than trying to develop a well-balanced team.  In the original Hoenn trilogy, that just meant that my Blaziken just became OP while the rest of my team sucked (kinda like a bad Mary-Sue fic... in fact, that'd be hilarious if someone made a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu Nuzlocke-esqe Pokemon Challenge where you could only use one Pokemon in battle until it died, then move on to the next Pokemon that you think would fill that place).  However, with X & Y giving you the Exp. Share so early on (and me being more mature than my previous Pokemon-playing self, thanks to going on a Pokemon hiatus shortly after Gen. 4), for the first time I was able to use a relatively balanced team.

So, for the Hoenn remake, I want to see if I can not only use a well-balanced team, but potentially make it a BETTER team than the one I used in X.  That particular team was Delphox, Blastoise, Florges, Pikachu, Lucario, and Noivern.  As you can see, it was a solid team... but I want to see if I can't do better. 

Now, for the record I'm NOT going for the perfect team to use in competitive battling, for I'm not a competitive battler (I hate putting stat moves on my team unless they also deal damage to my opponent, and I ESPECIALLY hate moves that deal damage to my Pokemon as well as my opponents).  However, I do want to see if I can potentially create a team that could cover as many bases as I can.

My first idea for a team would be Sceptile (Grass/Dragon in Mega Form), Delphox (Fire/Psychic), Azumarill (Water/Fairy), Aegislash (Ghost/Steel), Hawlucha (Flying/Fighting), and Frost Rotom (Electric/Ice).  This team was based pretty formed around two Pokemon- Sceptile for the unique typing in Mega form, and Aegislash due to receiving a level one Shiny Honedge with perfect stats via Wondertrade (I think the only reason why it was traded was due to the nature).  Plus, it allowed me to have my favorite starter in there, as well.  However, the two that I'm not so excited about are Azumarill and Frost Rotom.  Don't get me wrong, they're good Pokemon... they're just not my favorites.  Plus, Azumarill doesn't perform my favorite Fairy move (and possibly one of my favorite moves of all time), Moonblast.

The second idea for a team would be Blaziken (Fire/Fighting), Tentacruel (Water/Poison), Noivern (Flying/Dragon), Floette (Fairy who also uses Grass Moves), Aurorus (Rock/Ice), and Malamar (Dark/Psychic).  Now, this team wouldn't be able to have my favorite starter on there, however it DOES have me working with Pokemon types I normally don't use, like Rock, Ice, Poison, and (as much as I like many Pokemon of this type) Dark.

Keep in mind, I'm also open to other team ideas that would allow me to use some of my favorite Pokemon (especially Lucario, Absol, and Serperior), however I don't want to have one Pokemon able to completely decimate my team.  So, tell me your opinions!
“Lily, are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?”

Refraining from rolling her eyes at her worrywart husband, Lily fed their new daughter with a bottle (which, along with diapers and other necessities for the daily care of babies, Molly had lent them until they could get the necessary supplies for Ariana) as she replied, “Of course I’ll be fine, James.  It’s not like we haven’t been alone together before, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” James admitted as he ran a hand through his hair, “But considering who she’s married to…”

“And you know that he wasn’t her choice,” she interrupted, “But rather her father’s.”

“But she does believe in blood-purity!”

Not restraining her eye-roll this time, she corrected, “No, she believes that ancient holidays like Yule and Samhain shouldn’t be replaced by muggle holidays like Christmas and Halloween.  She also believes that Muggleborns shouldn’t go and try to change traditions that have been around for hundreds of years just because they think they know better, or that just because the word ‘sacrifice’ is involved that a tradition is automatically labeled ‘Dark’ even though the sacrifice may just be an inanimate object or even a simple bit of fruit.”  As James opened his mouth once again to object, she cut him off by adding, “We’ve had this argument numerous times, so let’s just agree to disagree, alright?”

As he exhaled with a sigh, James looked at his pregnant wife and new daughter.  After a few moments, during which Ariana finished her bottle, he conceded, “Alright.  Promise me, though, that you’ll contact me at the first sign of trouble?”

Smiling at this show of support, Lily agreed while shifting her daughter into burping position, “I will, James.”  Standing up, she walked over and pecked him on the cheek while patting Ariana’s back.  “You’re such a good husband… and you’ll be a good father, too.”  Her smile turning into a grin, she added, “Especially if you continue on with what you did last night.”

Grinning back, James gave his wife a kiss.  “Well, you were tired from the party preparations, and from Ari’s sudden arrival… plus, I got some alone time with my new baby girl.”

“Oh, you’re just dying to turn her into a Daddy’s Girl, aren’t you?” Lily teased.  As James unashamedly nodded, said girl gave off a loud burp.

Gently placing a hand on his daughter’s head, James chuckled as he rubbed it and proudly said, “That’s my girl.”  Kissing his wife once more, he then removed his hand and positioned himself to place a kiss on his daughter’s forehead.  As he did so, Ariana cooed happily, obviously enjoying the attention.

Stepping away, Lily watched as James walked over to the kitchen fireplace, lit it, and tossed a pinch of Floo Powder into it.  “Diagon Alley!” he called out as he stepped into it.

As he whooshed away, Lily placed Ariana into the nearby bassinet (that, while functional, was very plain- having been transfigured by James from a toilet paper roll- hence why a new one was on the list) and tidied up a bit while waiting for her friend to arrive.  Flicking her wand multiple times, soon many of the more tedious chores were either done or taking care of themselves.

“Of course, when you and your new sibling are old enough I’ll have you take care of some of them to learn some responsibility, unlike your father in his early years,” Lily assured her daughter, “but for now magic can take care of the chores.”

Ariana gurgled in what Lily took to be agreement as she waved her arms.

Unable to resist, the new mother began to play with her daughter.  Creating harmless sparks out of her wand, she charmed them to circle slowly around the bassinet, as if they were a mobile without any strings.  As Ariana looked with obvious wonder and delight, she then had them slowly change color.  This earned her a delighted giggle, which made a huge smile appear on her own face.

“You’re such a happy baby, Ari… I wonder what happened to your birth parents,” Lily couldn’t help but wonder aloud.

Seemingly in answer, the fireplace in the living room erupted with the tell-tale signs of the Floo being used.  Lily rushed over to meet her friend, who was elegantly brushing the soot off of her elegant robes.

When Lily came into view, the newcomer smiled warmly.  “Lily,” she greeted, giving the Lady Potter a small curtsey of equals, “It’s so nice to see you.”

“Narcissa,” Lily greeted back, curtseying back to the Lady Malfoy like she had been taught.  “I’m so glad you were able to make it!”  Once she finished her curtsey, Lily then rushed over to hug her friend.  As Narcissa hugged back as warmly as she could (given her upbringing), the younger of the two excitedly commented, “I can’t wait to show you one of the gifts I received yesterday!”

“Hmm…” As they separated, Narcissa mimed thinking deeply.  “Did you get… a new cauldron?”

“Well, yes… but that’s not the gift I’m talking about.”

Raising her eyebrows with intrigue, Narcissa guessed, “Is it… a rare book on Charms?”

Grinning, Lily replied, “Better.”  Before her friend could guess again, she added, “Come on, I’ll show you.”

As she followed Lily, the new mother could almost feel the curious look Narcissa shot at her back.  Suddenly, the sound of footsteps stopped.

“Lily, are you babysitting again?” Narcissa asked, staring at the new addition to the kitchen.

Smiling, Lily walked over to the bassinet and gently picked up Ariana as she answered, “Nope.”  Turning, she presented her new baby that was now cradled in her arms as she announced, “Narcissa, meet the newest member of the Potter family.”

Oh, it was priceless to see the gobsmacked look on her friend’s face.  Lily almost wished that she didn’t have Ariana in her arms so that she could’ve had a camera for this rare moment.

“You… when did you have a daughter?” Narcissa finally managed to ask after several attempts.

While Ariana curiously looked at the Slytherin, Lily grinned as she answered, “Yesterday as James and I were announcing that there’s another little one about to make its arrival in about six months.”

Performing one of the most graceful double-takes Lily had ever seen, Narcissa was obviously speechless.  “How?” she managed to finally say.

“Well, when a man and a woman desire each other very much…”


Snickering even as Narcissa looked ready to hex her, Lily eventually broke down and described the events of the previous day.

“After Sirius’ outburst, Molly handed over some of the diapers that she always keeps on hand, and I had James transfigure one of the shirts that I don’t wear all that much anymore into this onesie and a toilet paper roll into a bassinet so that Ariana could have someplace to sleep.  Once we had done that, we all tried to figure out just how old Ari is.”

The baby in question suddenly wailed, and it was soon obvious to her mother that her daughter had apparently decided that the current point in her story was a great one to go pee in.  Luckily thanks to having to watch baby Fred and baby George numerous times Lily had taken up the habit of storing at least one diaper and other necessary supplies in every room that was commonly used.

Changing the diaper with an ease that came from helping Molly with all of her little ones, Lily continued her story, “We eventually figured out that she must’ve been born during Samhain, so James and I decided to consider October 31st her official birthday.”

“She’s a Samhain child?  Auspicious, considering that many children born on Samhain are known to possess a sense of understanding and an unusual inner strength,” Narcissa commented as she glanced down towards the now clean baby.

Picking Ariana back up again, Lily inquired, “Really?  I don’t remember you telling me about that from any of my previous lessons on Wizarding Culture…”

“I was actually planning on covering that today,” the adult blonde admitted, “since I also had some news to share with you as well.”

Whatever one would say about Lily Potter, even Voldemort himself would never say that she was stupid (at least, if his two previous offers for her to join him despite her blood status were any indication).  Putting two and two together, she blurted out, “You’re pregnant?!?”

Nodding as a large (well, large for her) smile appeared, Narcissa confirmed, “Yes, I’m about four months along, according to my Healer.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful!  So, your little one will probably arrive in early June, then?”

“That’s what we’re guessing.”

If she didn’t have Ariana in her hands, Lily would’ve undoubtedly clapped with joy as she exclaimed, “That’s even better, we’re thinking that my next little bundle of joy will be born either late July or early August!  And since Ari’s birthday falls after September first, all of our children will be yearmates!”

Chuckling, Narcissa commented, “Let me guess- big sister Ariana will keep an eye on the other two?”

“Of course, won’t you Ari?” Lily cooed to her daughter.  Narcissa couldn’t help but melt a little when Ariana cooed back.  Seeing this, Lily offered, “Would you like to hold her?”

Blinking with surprise at the trust the new mother showed her, the Lady Malfoy wordlessly nodded.  As Ariana was gently transferred into her arms, her hazel eyes once again stared curiously at the one who held her.

“Hello, little one,” Narcissa said softly as a smile grew on her face.  Due to the lack of children in many families, it was an unspoken fact that all purebloods shared a weakness for babies.  Even the Death Eaters refused to tolerate any unnecessary harm towards them, and if they were forced to kill a family that had any infants they would ensure that the youngest ones died with a painless Killing Curse.  Once a child had become old enough to speak in coherent sentences, however, then depending on the Death Eater all bets were off (and sadly, Narcissa’s own sister was a part of this camp, choosing to take her rage at being unable to have any children of her own out on those who belonged to others).

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Lily smiled at the sight of Narcissa, who in school had been known as the very epitome of pureblood princess (to the point where she was in the running for the title of ‘Ice Queen of Slytherin’- only Viola Montague had managed to edge her out of the title, and the now Lady Greengrass was still as cold as ever, if occasional glances during trips to Diagon Alley were any indication), growing soft over a cute baby.  Quickly and wordlessly summoning her camera, she quickly took a picture of the adorable sight.

“I better get a copy of that photo, or else there will be consequences,” Narcissa warned, showing her hidden sense of humor by using a very exaggerated version of her husband’s drawl.

Giggling, Lily performed an exaggerated curtsey as she replied, “Yes, my Lady.”

Narcissa shook her head and chuckled at her friend’s antics.  Ariana, meanwhile, simply looked back and forth between the two women with obvious content in her eyes.


Several hours later, as Ariana was taking a nap in the bassinet, Lily was finishing up her current lesson on Wizarding customs.

“There,” Narcissa stated, satisfaction filling her voice, “now you know enough about our customs concerning children in order to pass inspection at one of our Balls.”

Smiling with relief and not a small amount of mischief, Lily couldn’t help but respond, “Even if I’ll more than likely never go to one for quite some time.”

The Lady Malfoy promptly swatted the Lady Potter lightly with a hastily conjured fan.  They stared at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing.

When the laughter died down, Lily’s face turned serious as she looked towards her friend.  “Narcissa… there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Hesitating for a moment, unsure of how her friend would respond to this request, Lily asked, “Would you be Ariana’s godmother?”

What?” breathed out a surprised Narcissa.

Taking a bracing breath, Lily explained, “When we first found out I was pregnant, one of the things James and I agreed to early on is that I would choose our children’s godmothers while he would choose their godfathers.  He already has Sirius in mind for our unborn child, and I had thought that Marlene would be a good choice for godmother.  With Ariana arriving so suddenly, however, we haven’t had a chance to decide yet who would be her godparents.  Knowing James, he’ll probably pick Peter only because Remus can’t be by law… after all, they’re the Marauders, so of course they’ll all try be the godfathers of each other’s children.”

“Even if they’re not the best choice for that amount of responsibility,” Narcissa commented, thinking of Pettigrew.  She would be extremely surprised if the coward actually found someone willing to bear his children.

With a wry smile at Narcissa’s comment, Lily continued, “However, with the role of godmother… during our lesson, I realized that Ariana may one day need someone to teach her these things.  As much as I’d like to say that I’ll take that role on… with this war, I can’t make that guarantee, especially since I’ve denied him twice now.”  Her smile turned sadly nostalgic as she added, “And I don’t want her to be forced to deal with the bigots’ criticisms until she manages to get one of them to teach her what she has to learn like I had to.”

“And who better to teach her than her pureblood godmother,” Narcissa finished, realizing where Lily was going.  “But Lily, what of my husband and his… loyalties?”

Remaining silent for several moments to ponder this very problem, Lily finally answered slowly, “Even though I’m positive you’d be a good mother to any child, I know that should anything happen to James and I, due to Lucius’ obvious loyalty to him nobody will allow you to try and take custody of Ariana and her future sibling.  However, I do know that I still want you to at least be a part of Ari’s life…”  Suddenly brightening as an idea came to her, she looked over at her friend shrewdly.  “Have you ever heard of a Guardian Angel?”

“Guardian, yes.  Angel… no,” came the confession.

Nodding once, for she expected something similar, Lily secretly relished the opportunity that now it was her turn to be the teacher.  “In many muggle religions, especially Judaism and the many forms of Christianity, living in Heaven alongside God are beings called angels, often depicted as beautiful humans with wings- rather similar to Veela, minus the rest of the upper body turning birdlike and the constant allure towards those of the opposite sex.  They are often considered to be amongst the holiest of everything in creation, save for God and (in the case of Christianity) Jesus Christ.  In order to help their Heavenly Father, angels are given various duties- one of the many being a Guardian for various humans.

“When I was young, my mother would tell Petunia and I that no matter wherever we would go in life, our Guardian Angels would be watching over us to keep us safe from harm.  While we wouldn’t be able to see them, they would always be there in case they were needed.”

Intrigued despite herself, Narcissa asked, “And how does your Guardian Angel fit into my role as Ariana’s godmother?”

“Why, you’ll be Ariana’s Guardian Angel, of course!”

Blinking several times in shock, the Lady Malfoy finally gathered her thoughts enough to mull over what Lily had told her.  If Guardian Angels supposedly guarded their charges without being seen… then, as Ariana’s godmother and Guardian Angel, Narcissa would have to work behind the scenes to be sure that her adorable goddaughter would not only be protected from those that would wish her harm, but also give her the tools needed to be able to one day stand on her own.  It’d be a challenge for sure, considering that she’d have to make sure that neither the Dark Lord nor Dumbledore ever figured out what she would be doing… but she was positive that it could be done.

The more she thought about it, the more being Ariana’s Guardian Angel satisfied Narcissa’s Slytherin nature.  With that thought in mind, there was only one way to answer Lily’s request.

“Lily, I would love to be Ariana’s godmother, with all that it implies.”

Smiling, the Lady Potter let the feeling of one less burden being relieved fill her soul.  If everything went as planned, even if she and James fell to Voldemort her family would be safe in the years to come.
The Western Daughter 3
What's this?  An update that ISN'T a plunnie?!?  :iconimpressedplz:

Yep, I finally was able to battle the Anti-Muse long enough to finally set up yet another VERY IMPORTANT piece of Ariana/Kie's life- her godmother Narcissa Malfoy!  Like stated above, Narcissa's role is going to be to help Ariana learn all about various Wizarding Customs (including how to make Oaths... *coughhinthintcough*) and will be one of several shoulders for Ariana to be able to lean on during her Hogwarts years.  Unlike some other people, however, Narcissa is going to be more behind the scenes in order to prevent Voldie, Dumbledore, and other Death Eaters from glancing too closely at her own family.  How she does that, and the full story of how she and Lily became friends... will be revealed in 'The Western Daughter and the Sorcerer's Stone'! (Or should I make it 'The Western Daughter and the Philosopher's Stone'?  They both sound rather nice... opinions in comments, please?)

Oh, and we learn that Peter, rather than Remus, will be her godfather, and the reason why.  There is a reason why I settled with him even though Remus had won the poll of who should be her godfather... which will become clear in the relevant stories.

BTW, I know I totally made an assumption that the Wizarding World hadn't really heard of angels, and that's because I honestly don't remember if there were any pure-blood characters that ever made even the slightest reference to them in the canon storyline.  So, if I'm wrong feel free to tell me so!

*I don't own Harry Potter, InuYasha, or any of their characters.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
(copied from

Today, writers are scorned because of those too unversed to know.

Disdained, because of those too ignorant to believe.
Despised, because of the realists who are too afraid to dream.
Misunderstood, because others are too unsure to try.

But we, as writers, know them to be wrong.

A writer is a person who dreams.
A writer is a person who wishes.
A writer is a person who escapes.
A writer is a person who lives.
A writer is a person who is not afraid.
A writer is a person who strives.

A person who expresses.
A person who believes.
A person who understands.
A person who knows.

I am a writer.

I dream of a world where anything is possible.
I wish for a world where war is just a myth.
I escape into a world where I can predict the future.
I live in a world of joy and mystery.
I am not afraid of the world I create.
I strive in the world where others give up.

I express myself in ways others dare not try.
I believe in things others are too afraid to trust.
I understand things others cannot, in a way that others cannot.
I know, in ways that others deny.

I am a writer.


Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

—Lev Grossman, TIME, July 18, 2011


The Beginning
Each journey gives rise to chance encounters, and each encounter brings forth a farewell.
When a farewell leads to a journey, the worlds open their hearts.
Those chosen by the light, or ensnared by the darkness. Friends who share the same bonds, though their paths may differ.
When you doubt the path trod thus far, when the hand you held is lost to you, gaze anew at the heart that once was…
For all the answers are within.

A long dream.
A sad farewell, hanging in the air in that “world between”.
What is reality? What is illusion? The path chosen by the young boy leads to his memories.
When caught in the stream of the days and nights going past, gaze anew at your steps…
For there all confusion will end.

The Future Story
Will the day come when this battle, born of confusion, will end?
It is different things to different people.
Can the reality be that which is hidden?
The reason is mere existence. Still, memories can be believed.
Be not afraid. Entrust your body to the soothing waves of your memories. By and by, your fleeting rest will be over…
And everything will begin.

While I go over various fanfics to fully complete the next list, I'll ask you this: Who's your favorite Eeveelution? 

6 deviants said Sylveon
5 deviants said Umbreon
4 deviants said Espeon
3 deviants said Leafeon
2 deviants said Vaporeon
1 deviant said Flareon
1 deviant said Jolteon
1 deviant said Glaceon
1 deviant said Fan-made Eeveelution (list in comment)
No deviants said Eevee


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