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'Fate of the Unknown' Nuzlocke Challenge!

I challenge all of YOU to a Pokemon fanfic challenge! The plot? Why, it's simple! It's this simple sentence:

Arceus, worried about his Legendary children, reached out via a dream to those he felt would be able to stop the various Team Leaders from succeeding in their plans and asked for their help.

Now, to help tie everybody's stories together, you not only MUST do a variation of my prologue found here… but you MUST also title it 'Fate of the Unknown: *insert character name*'s Tale'. After that, though, it's fair game! Well... as fair as a Nuzlocke can be.

My personal Nuzlocke rules are these (which you can adapt to make your game harder, but you CAN'T adapt them to make your game easier- it's a Nuzlocke challenge after all!)-

1. When your Pokemon faints, it's dead and can never be revived... UNLESS they faint during the battle against any Legendary that has CANONICALLY been proven to have the ability to bring the dead back to life, like Xerneas.

2. You MUST try to catch the first Pokemon you catch in a route, however you are also free to catch other Pokemon as well (this is to ensure that you don't miss out on a chance to catch a Shiny or another rare Pokemon).

3. If you're playing a game that has the Wonder Trade option, should you catch two or more Pokemon in a route one of those MUST be Wonder Traded out. If you don't have a Wonder Trade option, however, you may ignore this rule.

4. Unless one of them is a Shiny, no multiples of a species of Pokemon.

5. Once you defeat the Champion, all rules are null and void. My reasoning? At least in my story, I'm making Revives a really rare and expensive item, so when I'm earning a Champion's salary then I can afford to buy those Revives. I know that in the games this isn't true, but there HAS to be a reason why one can't just run to the Poke Mart and just buy Revives, no?

Should you choose to accept this challenge, let me know when you post the prologue so that I may add it to the list below!

Good luck!

If I were to do livestreams of various PS4 games (especially No Man's Sky when it comes out), would you want to watch? 

4 deviants said Maybe once in a while.
3 deviants said Sure!
No deviants said Nah

Where are YOU from?

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:iconxionxreplikufanclub: :iconcmsullyfanclub: :iconx-bladewielderclub: :iconkingdomhearts-ocs: :iconmoogle-and-mouse:
... so why not fix that today!

Anyway, what topic to choose, what topic to choose... oh!  How about a top 10 Final Fantasy characters I'd like to have at least a cameo in KH3?  Fair warning- SEVERAL of these characters I only know from Dissidia and from what various other people have mentioned, so if I don't expand on them much that's the reason why.

10.  Chocobos- Ok, I'm cheating a bit here, but COME ON!  Wouldn't it be AWESOME if Sora got the chance to ride a Chocobo, or even do Chocobo races?  I want these icons of the Final Fantasy franchise to finally make an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts games beyond as a cave drawing in Destiny Island's Secret Place.

9.  Cait Sith (and by extension Reeve Tuesti) from VII- I don't know why, but I can just see Reeve using Cait Sith to draw Riku in a side-quest where he has to find various things in order for the player to eventually unlock a classic Final Fantasy summon like Ifrit or Bahamut.  Do I know what the whole purpose of that side quest would be story wise?  Nope.  But I still want it.

8.  Cecil Harvey from IV- Now, this is a character I first met in Dissidia, and I really enjoyed him in that game.  His battle style of switching from Paladin (pretty much a Light Warrior) to Dark Knight was fascinating, and the fact that his designated foe was his own brother who actually HELPED him (in a very cryptic way) to find Cecil's motivation and desires to help Cosmos was a really cool aspect of his story.  As for how he would work in Kingdom Hearts, it's simple:  he helps Sora, Riku, and all of the other Keyblade Warriors to help control the Darkness in their hearts (except for Kairi, since as a Princess of Heart she technically HAS no Darkness).  How he does it, I have no idea.  But I think it'd be a fun twist to have a non-Disney character help Sora out with this, since that was what caused Sora to fail the Mark of Mastery.

7.  Garland from I- I REALLY want him to be the equivalent to Sephiroth in KH2, where he shows up once in the story-line then becomes an optional boss that's REALLY hard to defeat.  After all, the original Final Fantasy needs to be represented, and since the Warrior(s) of Light never had a name even in Dissidia Garland is a perfect choice to be that representative.

6.  Kefka Palazzo from VI- Anyone else want to see Sora and co. about to duke it out with Sephiroth yet again, only for Kefka to swoop in and start annoying Sephiroth to the point that it ends with the two of them eventually battling it out while the heroes just look on and try to contain the damage?  Sadly, though, this'll probably never happen due to the fact that whichever one of them wins will inevitably cause fanboy wars and subsequent rages the likes we've never seen before...

5.  Bartz Klauser from V- His outfit in Dissidia just screams Olympus Coliseum.  Plus, the ability to copy all of the other Light Warriors' attacks is a really cool idea (I can see him trying and possibly succeeding at replicating a Keyblade), and it'd be fun to see him and Sora just play off of each other.

4.  Zidane Tribal from IX- I would've put Kuja here, but I highly doubt that Disney would allow him anywhere NEAR Kingdom Hearts due to his... *ahem* style choices.  Anyway, if Square and Disney would FINALLY allow Kairi to become a playable character, I can see Zidane joining her as a companion similar to how Goofy is for Sora.  Zidane constantly flirting with her could also potentially inspire enough jealousy in Sora for him to FINALLY do something about the relationship he and Kairi share lol.

3.  Rinoa Heartilly from VIII- Final Fantasy VIII needs to have more ADULT representatives, and I think Rinoa's a fine one to do so.  After all, she does share a bond with Leon, and I can see her trying to help Leon realize that since Radiant Garden is well on its way to being restored thus meaning that he can take back his old name.  Plus, we DO need an explanation as to what happened to her in KH1 and 2 that cause Leon to get her angel wings sewn on his jacket...

2.  Noctis Lucis Caelum from XV- Oh GOD do I want to see Noctis' fighting style appear in KH3.  I ESPECIALLY want to fight him in the inevitable Coliseum Cups that will more than likely show up in KH3 since that world's been confirmed.  I think he would make an AMAZING Final Round opponent to face off against.  A pain in the butt to defeat, but WELL worth it.

1.  Genesis Rhapsodos from Crisis Core: VII- I know, I know, Kingdom Hearts has a TON of characters from VII already, but I can't help it!  Genesis would be an AMAZING addition to the KH storyline, especially when it comes to answering just what the heck happened to Zack between the events of BBS and KH1!  His battle style is fun due to it being a mix of magic and swordplay, and I can TOTALLY see Sora and co. recruiting Zack to help fight him in the Underworld, thus creating all sorts of lovely drama.  I even created a nice little plot that would help with this, which some of you know (and I will NOT be posting it here, since it's a long one).

What do you guys think?  Is there a FF character you want to see show up in KH3 that hasn't yet made an appearance?  If so, which character would that be and why?


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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(copied from

Today, writers are scorned because of those too unversed to know.

Disdained, because of those too ignorant to believe.
Despised, because of the realists who are too afraid to dream.
Misunderstood, because others are too unsure to try.

But we, as writers, know them to be wrong.

A writer is a person who dreams.
A writer is a person who wishes.
A writer is a person who escapes.
A writer is a person who lives.
A writer is a person who is not afraid.
A writer is a person who strives.

A person who expresses.
A person who believes.
A person who understands.
A person who knows.

I am a writer.

I dream of a world where anything is possible.
I wish for a world where war is just a myth.
I escape into a world where I can predict the future.
I live in a world of joy and mystery.
I am not afraid of the world I create.
I strive in the world where others give up.

I express myself in ways others dare not try.
I believe in things others are too afraid to trust.
I understand things others cannot, in a way that others cannot.
I know, in ways that others deny.

I am a writer.


Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

—Lev Grossman, TIME, July 18, 2011


The Beginning
Each journey gives rise to chance encounters, and each encounter brings forth a farewell.
When a farewell leads to a journey, the worlds open their hearts.
Those chosen by the light, or ensnared by the darkness. Friends who share the same bonds, though their paths may differ.
When you doubt the path trod thus far, when the hand you held is lost to you, gaze anew at the heart that once was…
For all the answers are within.

A long dream.
A sad farewell, hanging in the air in that “world between”.
What is reality? What is illusion? The path chosen by the young boy leads to his memories.
When caught in the stream of the days and nights going past, gaze anew at your steps…
For there all confusion will end.

The Future Story
Will the day come when this battle, born of confusion, will end?
It is different things to different people.
Can the reality be that which is hidden?
The reason is mere existence. Still, memories can be believed.
Be not afraid. Entrust your body to the soothing waves of your memories. By and by, your fleeting rest will be over…
And everything will begin.

Twitch channel:


So, it's looking like I'll be streaming the King's Raid from Destiny on Sunday, so keep your eyes out for that announcement!
Tony Stark attempted to create Kingdom Hearts armor and the new Power Rangers suits are the… lol
Hmm... to take my PS3 along with my PS4, or to leave the PS3 at home... decisions, decisions...
How to bring an unholy amount of terror onto a group of unsuspecting civilians- have the Weasley Twins join forces with the Hitachiin Twins from Ouran High School Host Club.

The world will never be the same...
*about an hour into the episode* Wait, WHAT THE FUUUUUU-


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