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So, as many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Chaos' 'Harry Potter: Pokemon Master' series, where he substitutes magic for Pokemon (if you'd like to get addicted- and you will- click here for the first story… )

Now, Mr. Chaos is FINALLY starting to reveal important tidbits on his infamous Johto/Kanto war that helps introduce his OC Jack Kenway who offers a third path for Harry to follow when it comes to fighting Voldemort.  With the most recent revelation, I had an epiphany- simply having his Johto/Kanto war be a fanfic will NOT be doing it justice.

Thus, my plea is this- does anybody know of a talented HP and Pokemon fan-artist who would be willing to collab with Mr. Chaos on a web-comic involving this?  Here's what he wrote for the most recent revelation (made by Jasmine Kenway, his adopted daughter and future Gym Leader for Olivine City) about what, exactly, started this war to help you see why this needs to be a thing:

"I plan to eventually write up the scene in a Tales of Avalon chapter but when Jasmine said she is the reason the war happened… she isn't exaggerating. The night after her parents died Kent and Marie Kenway brought her to the Kenway mansion and Jack, Jonas, and Claire met together to discuss the fallout of what had happened. Jack retreated to Jasmine's bedroom and comforted the four year old and finally told her he'd give her anything she wanted. She first asked for a mommy and daddy and Jack swore that he and Claire would raise her. He then asked if she needed anything else and Jasmine said that her mommy and daddy died at the Pokémon League and she wanted it gone. Jack swore he would do that. As the last paragraph of that chapter will read:

"And then he kissed me on the forehead and sat down in an old rocking chair, promising to watch over me till I fell asleep. He must have thought I'd dozed off because soon his head fell into his hands and he began to sob. I was too young to realize it then but now I understand and my heart breaks for what part I played that dark night. In that moment he'd made his decision. He would destroy the Kanto Pokémon League. He would free Johto. He would wage war on his friend and make the world fear him. He would sacrifice his innocence. He would kill the boy he'd been and become the man he had to be. He would become a murderer… and all he could do was cry."

Yeah... now you see why this war needs to be a web-comic?  And that was just the PUBLIC revelation- I won't mention what he revealed to me in a PM unless someone's interested in making this comic happen.

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August 10, 2015


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